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Button Diary Templates

Button Diary Template

Hello… I have made some diary templates for you. These are some of the templates that have pin button decorations. It’s like you’re pinning post-it note cards to a wall to note your daily activities. There are boxes that each represents a day in a week. You are free to download and print the templates […]

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Printable Mothers Day Photo Frames

Printable Mothers Day Frame

                  I have just finished making some of printable Mother’s Day photo frames for you. You can get them in my Squidoo lens here and use them to keep your Mom’s most favorite photo! You can edit the frames in a photo editor software so that you […]

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Black and Bling Bookmark

Hello, this is a new printable bookmark for you. This unique bookmark has black background color with glittery swirling leaves. This bookmark is specially designed to show the elegant side of you. I hope this black and bling bookmark will mark your reading and decorate your book’s pages beautifully. Right click on the picture and […]

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Printable Father’s Day Photo Frames 2012

I have just finished creating some Father’s Day photo frames that you can download and use for free. You can use these frames to keep your most favorite photos of your Dad, husband, grandpa, uncle, brother, or other Dad that you know. I create the frames with three different themes: wood theme for outdoor Dad, […]

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Printable Harvest Greeting Stationery Set

Autumn has arrived! The cold wind blowing and dried leaves changing colors have begun adorning our days. Are you ready to welcome this year’s autumn? Some people say that autumn is the season they like best for a year. It’s in this season that the sun doesn’t shine so bright and the weather doesn’t get […]

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Printable Halloween Stickers 2

Hi again, here are some more printable Halloween stickers that I have made. The stickers are still in orange background and black border, but the background is transparent. You can use them on plastic or any other transparent wrappers to make them look nice. The firs sticker is a haunted house with bats and black […]

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