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Fun Ideas with Finger Print Art

Years ago when I was a little kid, I used to play with my parents’ finger print ink and pad. Both my father and mother worked in an office that they often brought home some documents to be stamped and signed.

At first, I didn’t really know the function of finger print ink except that it helped my parents with their jobs. However, when my father introduced me to a craft book, I soon learned that finger prints can be changed into other fun things such as decorations for stationery papers.

I immediately made some experiments using my parents’ ink and pad. I had to use them when they both went to work, otherwise there would be scolding and lectures especially from my Mom who loves cleanliness.

The result was amazing, because I could create some note papers and greeting cards with finger print decorations. I made finger print animals that lined at the borders of the papers, or flowers and other little stuffs at the bottom.

I experimented with my little sister, and both of us had great time making finger print arts. If you, too, are interested to learn about finger print art and how to start it, pay a visit to my lens Finger Print Art Resources. I have summarized some trustful resources in the Internet where you can learn about finger print art easily.

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