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Making Jewelry with Glass Pearl Beads

Green Pearl Bracelet

Green Pearl Bracelet









For those of you who love to wear homemade jewelry, surely you are always looking for ways how to make a variety of jewelry at an acceptable cost. Particularly pearls, since they are made naturally in the ocean, pearls have become valuable as well expensive jewelry materials.

What attracts more people to wearing pearl jewelries is the classic elegance that comes from its gleaming colors. Original pearls do not have flashy colors such as crystals, sometimes they only consist of white, ivory, or black colors. However, their smooth surfaces give an elegant and dazzling luster that people love.

To get around with the high cost of genuine pearl jewelries, you can use faux pearls on a daily or non-formal occasions. These imitation pearls are actually glass beads created in bead factories and coated with pearl-like lustrous paints. The outcome of this man made pearl is quite a relief; you can have a low budget pearl jewelries that you can wear with ease.

Glass pearl beads, like any other beads, can be made into bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and other handmade jewelry. You can even mix and match them with other beads such as crystals or metal beads. One thing to remember, however, glass pearls are not as durable as real pearls. Therefore, more care is needed so as to prevent the jewelry from being damaged quickly.

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