Pogo the Psycho Clown


Clown By: Pierre (Rennes)

Have you ever imagined if the clown you invited to your kid’s birthday party is actually a violent and cold-blooded serial killer? Will you be able to sniff the blood on his hands when he smiles and waves to your kids while holding balloons?

Too painful to imagine, indeed, but it isn’t just a mere imagination. The story really happened in the world, it’s about a killer clown who hid his wild face behind a witty mask. Pogo the Clown was the name.

Pogo the Clown is a clown character created by John Wayne Gacy, a psychopath who committed rape and serial murder in America during the period 1072-1978.

Gacy him self was a product of a broken family. Instead of getting the love from his parents, he often suffered abuse from his father. No wonder he assumed that violence is a fairness to achieve his needs for affection. Twenty six of Gacy’s victims were buried in the attic of his home, three others elsewhere on his property and four victims were discarded in a nearby river.

What’s shocking was in all that time he did the nasty things, no one was suspicious because he always looked funny, entertaining, and friendly. Nobody knew that behind his clown mask, there was the most cruel heart that could others, especially children who were physically weaker. He was, indeed, a psycho clown who could smile and stab at others in the same time.

There are many factors behind Gacy’s atrocities, one of which is his childhood trauma that had made him lack of parental love. However, indifference toward others was also one factor that made him able to act freely under the nose of law enforcers!

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