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My daughter just loves playing doctor with her dolls. In fact, she sometimes asks me come and play with her. Sometimes, she plays as a doctor, at other times she is a pet owner whose pet is sick and needs to be cured.

When playing as a doctor or vet, she’s always excited when she writes prescriptions for the sick animal dolls. For example cough medicine for teddy bear, stomach medicine for stuffed cats, and so forth. She uses old note books to write the prescriptions for her patients.

To cheer her up, I decided to make a play prescription that she can use to play doctor with her dolls or friends. I have made three kinds of prescription templates with different themes. Your kids can also use these templates to play doctor and prescribe for their patients.

I created this template in A5 size, or half of horizontal A4 size. You can download and print the templates too, but please only use them for personal use. No commercial use is allowed in using these play prescription templates.

Happy playing doctor!

Play Prescription1

Play Prescription2

Play Prescription3

** Drug tube picture in the template is Original Artwork by Resale Clipart

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