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Printing Images On Fabric

Fabric Bags

Fabric Bags

This is a new craft lesson for me; you can actually print on fabrics!

There are some ways of printing images on fabrics, from what I’ve learned in the Internet you can use one of these methods:

1. Using freezer papers and spray adhesives
2. Using decal papers for fabrics
3. Using iron on transfer papers
4. Using fabric sheets (don’t be confused with transfer papers because the two are completely different)
5. Using Mod Podge for fabric

While transfer papers are real paper used to transfer images from paper to fabric with the help of heat from Irons, fabric sheets are real fabric (cotton or satin) which are made into paper-like sheets thus can be printed on it’s side.

There are many famous brands of fabric sheets, namely June Tailor, Printed Treasure, and Electric Quilt. I haven’t tried those all but from I’ve read others who have tried them, I can conclude that June Tailor’s fabric sheet is stiff compared to others. Then, I also read a blog that compared the finish result; Electric Quilt’s sheet gives the most vivid color and the picture is not blurred. What’s more, EQ fabric sheet is also said more durable over time.

To get EQ fabric sheet, you can buy them at quilting craft store, Amazon, or e-Bay.

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