Aini – daughter – 15 months By: John D.

Once I asked my daughter which one she prefers; that I stay at home with her though I do a lot of things like crafting or I go to office and she stays with a nanny or sitter at home.

She told me that she prefers that I stay at home, even though I may be busy doing my own things. She loves just to have me at home with her, close to her.

When I asked her why, she told me that if I’m home she can always hug me whenever she wants. She can always ask me to accompany her and comfort her, cook her any kind of meal she likes, and so on.

I told her that I might not always be able to cook her favorite foods or do stuffs with her together. Her answer was the same, it’s okay with her. As long as I stay by her side and she can turn to me whenever she needs.

I only have one child, and that’s Aini, my daughter. No wonder we’re close to each other. Now I understand why she prefers I stay home with her and I’ll try to fulfill her wishes to the best that I can.